Blue's Babbles

'Spose it's time I got around to writing this darn thing.

I'm a *mumblemumble* year-old New England transplant living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my cats, my dog, my gods, and my life-partner. I'm an avid reader, a writer (some has even sold!), a novice knitter, and a yoga practitioner. From that pluralization there you might pick up that I'm a polytheist, and it's to my gods that my life is dedicated. (Well, after the cats and the dog, but don't tell Them that.)

My LJ tends to be mostly about mundane stuff, though I go through phases where I want to talk about the mystical side of my life a bit more. Got filters for the heavier stuff, so as to not subject everyone to my brand of crazy.

I want to have a clever and long bio, like other people do, but this'll do for now. :) M